5 profitable weight gaining food plan at home

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Weight gaining food plan – If a man is thin skinny then people call him Lewd and his friends also make fun of him, then today we have brought some easy ways for you to eat which you will soon be able to stay away from your slim lean body. People use medicine, protein etc. to gain weight and they feel like they are gaining weight but they are feeling very bad within themselves, so we have brought for you to eat some diet that You will gain weight in just 30 days.

If the man is lean and thin then people are younger than him and he does not have any effect, so everyone wants that his body is required with yoga and training. If only the diet is increased then the stomach will come out, then along with this we also have to exercise, so that our body remains fully shaped.


What food help gain weight ?

 Weight gain does not mean that you are not fit. You need to increase your weight while staying fit and balanced otherwise it will have a negative effect on your health. Weight loss will occur after fatigue and persistent fatigue. You can burn extra calories and increase your weight in a balanced way. To gain weight you have to have breakfast heavy and dinner light. If you really want to increase your weight, then you have to increase the amount of high calorie, fat food and protein, minerals in your food.

There is a great need to increase weight calories, fat, protein and carbohydrates in the diet. Therefore, taking care of these things while making your diet chart and covering all these, let us tell you about weight loss diet. Exercise is very important in weight and healthy diet. If you want to increase your weight, then add nutrients to your diet to make a diet chart and follow it.

They do not understand what kind of diet they can increase their weight. In such a situation, they take the help of weight gain supplements which are harmful to the body. You can take the help of natural remedies to keep yourself healthy and balanced weight. This will increase your weight in a healthy way and it will not be harmful to the body. Let’s know the weight gain foods.


weight gain foods list

# 1. Protein shake and protein rich food are beneficial in weight gain. You need to make protein rich fish, egg, sprouted gram, churn, chicken, rice, milk or milk, intake of soy milk or powder, fish, crabsey, legumes, nuts, beans, etc. two to three times a week Please do the bar.

#2. If you are fond of drinking milk, then it is good for you, by adding honey to milk at night, you will be seen to increase your weight regularly in a few days. Apart from this, in order to increase your weight, you will also take gram soaked in milk. If you take Chyawanprash daily with a glass of milk, then it makes your bone strong and your weight also increases.

# 3. To increase weight, it is important that you eat oil and nutritious food, for this you can serve cheese, makhan and ghee, you can add cheese, butter and ghee etc. to your soup.

# 4. You should increase the weight to complete so that you have the key to making bread like whole grains, wheat, gram or flour, millet or flour etc.

# 5. Eating green vegetables is very beneficial in increasing weight, it also builds your health and you can increase your weight easily.

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