3 exercise for six pack workout at home without equipment

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six pack workout at home without equipment – Today’s youth have a dream, a gentleman and a beautiful body, every youth has their own ways, everyone likes their contemplation, the actor’s body is the sixth. A simple way to keep your body healthy, but by reading somewhere or using some wrong advice, it starts messing with your body, and even if you do the right exercises, do not take the right lamps and waste your body. Before we know how to make 6 pack packs, it is more important to know some things, that packs are strong muscles of our body because the stomach is not the strongest part of the body, so it is very difficult to make them and it is very difficult to make them. Easy too. Just follow these simple methods (easy ways to make six packs)

In this modern day, every young boy wants to make 6 pack abs but it is not very easy to do nor very difficult, you just need to get the right exercises and the right diet and change your daily routine. Is needed


How to get six pack by exercises ?

Easy Ways to Make Six Packs – There are many people in this world who just pay attention to their health and live a healthy life but some people do not pay any attention to their health and feel very low, in fact The thing is that the right person is the one who takes care of himself and his health. If there is life, then there is the world, if you take care of your body properly, then it will support you completely or else it will leave you in the middle.

It is very important to have a stylish and attractive body in this modern world. Now whether you go for a job interview or to pursue a girl, the person in front is the person who sees your personality. If your personality is attractive, then you can be successful in any field, otherwise you will get failure only.


3 exercise for six pack

Easy ways to make six packs – If your health is fit and you have a healthy body, then you can make your dreams come true easily, but if it is not, then you will mostly get frustrated in the field. Today we are sharing the solution of making 6 packs in Hindi on our website, with the help of which you can easily transform your body into an attractive body. Let us know the easy ways to make a six pack.

# 1 Jack knife

For this, you spread a mat and lie on your waist and when you spread your hands, take it above your head. After this, you try to hold each other by raising your hands and legs upwards so that you can stay in this position for as long as possible. Then you come to your normal position. If you cannot stay in this position, then you should come back only by touching your feet, but in this way keep doing it continuously for a while and when tired, rest for some time.


# 2. reverse crunch

Even to do a reverse crunch, lie down on your back and move your hands under your head. Now bend your legs towards your chest and bring it to 90% and you lift your legs in the air and keep your control on your hips. Keep in mind that in this working, all your food should be coming on your packs.


# 3 Long Arm Crunch

You lie on the ground, move your hands behind your head and bend the legs. Now you join your hands and bend up your waist and rise up and place your chest on your legs. Keep in mind that you do this exercise slowly. Also, if you take some weight in your hand, then you will get benefit and soon you can get packs.

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