how to treat broken ankle at home with home remedies

Home remedies for torn ankles – The problem of torn ankles is a common problem. We all take care of our face, but do not give special attention to the ankles. Along with the face, the feet are also a part of your beauty, so we should take care of the feet as well. If the feet are not taken care of, the ankles starts to explode and slowly it turns into very painful pain. Where we can get rid of pain by taking a little care, we can also put four moons in our beauty. Although there is a lot of cream and medicines available in the market, but by adopting domestic remedies, you can get rid of this problem.


How to treat broken ankle at home ?

Use glycerin

Glycerin is no less than a boon for torn ankles. You apply it before bed every day. By doing this regularly, your heel will heal quickly. glycerin works to remove dead skin and at the same time makes the skin soft and soft.


Use of native ghee and salt

Country ghee and salt also help in healing torn ankles. Prepare the mixture by mixing a little salt in the ghee and apply this mixture on the torn ankles. Applying this mixture daily fixes the torn ankles and makes the heels soft.



Scrubbing can be very helpful in healing your torn and lifeless ankles, scrubbing removes the dead skin of your ankles and makes the heels look soft and beautiful.


Use of honey

Honey is considered very good and beneficial for torn ankles. Add water to half a cup of honey and soak your heels in it for some time. After 15 – 20 minutes, wash the feet with water and wipe them with a clean towel. Adia will become soft.


Use of wax

Wrapped ankles can also be cured by using wax. Wash the feet with lukewarm water before going to bed at night and put lukewarm wax on them and go to sleep wearing socks. By doing this daily, torn aids will heal soon.


Use of sugar and olive oil

Combine the sugar and olive oil to form a mixture. Now apply it on the torn ankles, wash your feet after a while, and wipe the feet with a clean towel. Do this regularly, in a short time, your torn ankle will be correct.


Surefire way

1. Prepare the mixture by mixing one-fourth quantity of glycerin in three-fourth rose water, apply it on your heels and after some time wash your feet with lukewarm water. In a few days your ankle will become clean and soft.

2. Melt the wax in a bowl and mix one or two teaspoons of mustard oil in it. After cooling and applying it on torn ankles, your torn ankles will be correct in a few days. The skin can burn when it is heated only after cooling this meditative mixture.


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