How to get rid of mouth odor naturally at home

Remedies to remove mouth odor – Smelling of the mouth, it is such a problem. Which can happen to anyone. Whenever you exhale breath in this. So the mouth smells very bad. If you have any such problem with you too, do not panic, today you can tell about 2 such home remedies by using which you can get rid of this problem.

Friends, this is a problem that makes a man very embarrassed. People do not talk to you, keep a distance from you. Even if you talk to you, you will talk with your hands in front of your mouth. Which makes the man very embarrassed. Do not panic, you will get rid of your bad smell in 2 minutes using the tips given by us.


Home remedies to remove mouth odor

1. You will find the ingredients for preparing this recipe in your kitchen. You should take a small cardamom and a long one, keep it under your jaw and keep sucking it very hard. Immediately the smell will stop from your mouth. Friends, you can do this recipe three times a day. And when you feel that this problem is completely corrected, then you can stop it.

2. Take a glass of lukewarm water, squeeze one lemon in it and after eating the food, coral it well with this water. Do this time in the morning and the dark days. With the use of a few days, this problem will be eradicated.

You can try any of these two tips, if you want, you can also use them together.



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