Hair growth tips – 5 easy home remedies

Home remedies for Hair growth tips – There are many types of hair extensions available in the market, but there are only 2 ways to apply them – applying extensions to each strand and applying them. Approximately 20-25 hair strands are employed in the extension technique in each strand, which is available in both natural and synthetic types and dividing the natural hair into different parts on each part or make, from glue, to heat, to metal rods. Or it is applied with wax or polymer. All these techniques are coated with chemicals or any other object, then hair extensions are applied.

Hair extensions should be applied with complete cleanliness in the hair without discomfort. They are applied to the hair with a special gond to apply, then the hair is pressed with hot tongs, so that they stick to the hair properly. If applied cleanly, the difference between real and fake hair is known. Applying is a difficult task. This whole process takes a few hours and lasts for about 3 to 6 months, then it is necessary to remove them and apply them again. There is a special solution to remove them, make sure that any type of natural balloon Does not reach major defects. While applying hair extensions, keep in mind the color of your hair, only then the hair will look completely natural.


How to make hair thick

Ponytail hair extensions are also available nowadays. They are the most expensive and last for a long time. They are made of 100 percent natural hair. These are the hair of women who grow them only to sell them. Hair extensions can usually be placed from 26 inches to 30 inches long. Applying longer hair extensions will stress the scalp, which can cause damage to natural hair. For a medium-sized woman, the length of the hair extension key should not exceed 3 inches. Hair extensions should never be applied to the hair below the ears.

Do you love listening to Balloon, listening to the 40-year-old, and the 40-year-old Mahilon, in the 40-year-old hairfall, which is called the female pattern hair loss. In addition to hormonal changes, it can also be due to lack of nutritious food and crash dieting. Hair extensions are expensive, but a better option than a wig. Hair extensions are used in fashion to make hair look long and full. What is this hair extensions Hair extensions are made of natural and synthetic hair. Their price depends on the quality and how durable they are. If they are applied in the hair with the right technique and care, then they do not cause any damage and natural hair can become long and thick. Let us know the ways to increase hair in Hindi, which will help to grow your hair in a few days.


5 easy tips to make hair longer

 1. Use of hair dye in hair can cause dermatitis, in which it can also cause hair loss due to mild itching in the head.

2. Hair experts believe that there is no problem due to improper use of colors. The color dye does not rub on Skype.

3. Remove the bangles and rings before applying color by wearing gloves.

5 .Keep in mind the time while applying the curler. Applying color for too long can damage the hair.

6. If the scalp’s skin is sensitive, then dye it once every 6 weeks.


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