5 Easy exercise for height increase after 18

 Exercise for height increase – People of today are very excited about their health, some are obese due to their obesity, some people are very much due to their small height, and some people are very busy due to their small height. It is called that which they do not like at all, so even the people of short height should not be disturbed because today we are going to tell you how you can get engaged in just a few days with the exercise given by us. And then you too can make people attractive with your personality and height, if you do the exercise we have mentioned correctly then you will not have to be embarrassed anywhere.

These exercises will not only make you taller but you will also be physically fit and you will also become a different personality and within a few days you will start seeing a difference, and you can find work everywhere like you get a police job. Can. And you can also do modeling by having a long height, and the length is only up to 18 years, but if you do the exercises we have mentioned, then you can increase your height even when you are 18 years old.


How to exercise to increase height ?

Today, we want to share some such tips in english on this website, so that you can increase your height very easily even after 18 years, but the condition is that you will have to do these exercises correctly and at the right time and on a single day. If you do the same, then your height will start increasing quickly and will start to look taller in a few days and then you will not be called by any new names and you will not have to face any trouble and you will You will be able to do any work very easily, just you have to include the exercises mentioned in your daily life. So let us know the exercise to increase height.


5 exercise to height increase


# 1. swimming

Swimming is also a very easy exercise to increase height, swimming causes a stretch in our body and due to stretch, our body starts to grow, so that we start getting taller and it becomes very fast. Is the way to grow.


#2. Running

Running is also an important part of increasing the height, as swimming causes stretching of our body, in the same way, running also causes stretching in our body and we start to accelerate faster. We should run as long as possible for a long distance, we will not get any benefit by running a small race.


# 3. Hanging on the rod

Hanging on a rod or twig of a tree will stretch our body, and the more stretching we get, the more help our body gets in lengthening, hanging gives us a good exercise of our legs, chests, and stomach muscles, It is also good for hand muscles, so if you want a good and long height, then you also start hanging.


# 4 jumping

Jumping stretches our entire body and starts increasing our height, it is easier than other exercises and it also makes stretching much more and the more stretching will be the better for our length.


# 5. Bhujangasana

To do Bhujang posture, you have to go to some open space like a park or you have to go to the terrace because it is an exercise to open an open space and fresh air. While raising your head, you have to get up to your waist, just this also causes a lot of stretching of your body.

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