7 Best home remedies to lose belly fat without equipment

Best home remedies to lose belly fat – Nowadays this man has become so busy in the life of the race that he does not get the time to pay attention to his physical health. He is so lost in the work of office, house, market etc. throughout the day and falls asleep sleeping exhausted in the evening, thus he does not get free time to exercise for his body etc.

Many types of diseases take hold. Such as obesity, constipation, asthma etc. The most common among them is obesity. According to a survey, 60 per cent of people aged 40+ in India have some form of obesity. When a person has irregular routines and is unable to do morning walk or exercise etc. Is, then he becomes obese. And this obesity causes further diseases like constipation, gas in the stomach, high blood pressure, diabetes etc.

All these diseases are more likely to occur in the obese person. And obese people also become a subject of jokes in many places, due to which they start feeling inferior as well, due to which, they also fall prey to mental diseases like stress, frustration, etc.

Therefore, people should improve their lifestyle to avoid this obesity.

To avoid obesity, you can try the following methods.

7 Best home remedies to lose belly fat

1.  There is a common misconception among people about obesity that obesity is increased by overeating, but this is not 100% true, because obesity increases not by eating too much but by not doing irregular routines and exercises, so to reduce weight loss. Do not stop eating food, but take a little less and nutritious diet.

2. The best way to reduce weight loss is to take a walk in the morning and evening. If you cannot run fast, do light walking with 2 steps. This will help in reducing obesity.

3. Do yoga for at least 30 minutes in the morning. Yoga is helpful in keeping the body fit and healthy.

4. Do Vajrasana after eating food. Vajrasana reduces obesity by removing extra fat in the body.

5. Eating bananas increases weight, but do you know that eating bananas also leads to weight loss? Yes, because bananas do not easily digest the body, which also does not cause hunger for a long time. So eat only 2 bananas for breakfast in the morning. , By this afternoon you will not feel hungry and will not feel weakness.

6. Green tea is also helpful in removing excess body fat, so drink green tea instead of black tea.

7. Avoid eating high calorie foods such as kachori, samosa, burgers, pizza etc. as they are harmful for the body and increase obesity.

These are some easy home remedies with the help of which you can lose belly fat.


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